Money/Endorsement Free Campaign

As I embark on this journey, I want to make sure that I am transparent in my believes about running for office. I am a firm believer that Lobbyists, Political Action Committees (PACS), endorsements, and massive donations should be left out of an election. I believe that our founding fathers did not anticipate big businesses, Political Action Committees, and millionaire should be what defines out election process. Unfortunately, this is what happens on the Federal, State, and Local level of government.

I will be accepting donations from family and friends to help pay for campaign supplies, but I will not be seeking endorsements, donations over $200.00 per person, or any type of donation, monetary or not, from a business, organization, or current elected official.

I want to make a promise to the residents of Salem that I am running to represent them, and improve Salem for generations to come. Studying Political Science, specifically the election process, in my Undergraduate career and in my Masters program, I can see the negative effect of money in our political system. This is something I take very seriously and will encourage all candidates in any level of government to do.