About Me

Early years  

My two brothers, cousin, and I waking up on Christmas morning. Of course I am in the Patriot pjs!

I was born in Worcester Massachusetts with two brothers, a twin and a brother who is 11 months older than me. Yes, Irish triplets! My father was, and still is, a small business owner working long hours and seven days a week to help provide a living for my family. My mother worked nights, while raising my siblings and I during the day, to make sure she could also provide for our family.

I attended public schools in Worcester including: Gate Lane Elementary School, Sullivan Middle School, and Abby Kelley Foster Charter Public School. As a child, my father’s small business would always sponsor a team for me and my siblings to play baseball, soccer, basketball, and hockey.

While attending Abby Kelley Foster Charter Public School, I served as captain of the Cross Country and Track Team, I engaged in theater productions, and participated in different organizations. I served as Treasure for Student Council and volunteered my time to a local nonprofit which combats homelessness in Worcester, Youth Against Homelessness (YAH).

While attending High school, I would actively participate and be involved in different political campaigns because I always felt that my peers and I should participate in the political process. I have always believed that volunteering my time for nonprofit organizations or political campaigns would help me grow personally and professionally, while helping the community grow as well.

Later Years

Growing up in a low to middle class family, I am honored to attended Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, a four year public liberal arts college in the Berkshires. With the help of my family, and the financial aid assistance programs, I was able the first in my family to graduate in 2015 with a Bachelor’s Degree in political science.

Some of my family visiting the beautiful city of Salem

While pursuing my degree, I had the opportunity to volunteer and be a part of the political process for local and state campaigns. I was blessed with the opportunity to spend a summer in Washington D.C. with the Washington Center. While in D.C, I was able to observe and engage in the political process while interning with the National Association of Federally Impacted schools.

Through my time at MCLA, I was heavily involved on campus. I served as the captain of the varsity NCAA cross-country team, was elected by my peers to serve as President of the Student Government Association, and served as the chair of the Massachusetts Student Advisory Council – a state-wide organization created to open channels of communication between all of the public colleges in Massachusetts. Lastly, I worked in the Office of the President as a staff assistant and advocate to the administration for the student body.

Most Recently

Allie and I at a family wedding.

I am currently working for the Department of Higher Education, in the Academic Affairs and Student Success division. I have the honor of assisting our veterans to pursue their educational benefits to attend school or enter the workforce. I am only 4 classes away from earning a Master’s Degree at Framingham State University in Public Administration.

I moved to Salem from Boston after witnessing how engaging, exciting, and diverse the city of Salem truly was from my twin brother, who attended Salem State University and chose to stay in the area after graduation. I am an avid runner who loves to run and race in Salem because of the beautiful views and friendly residents. Having lived all over the state from the Berkshires to Boston, and now in Salem, I have truly found a community that feel like home! I am thrilled to be living in the Ward 1 district of Salem with my girlfriend of over 5 years, Alexandra.