Citizen’s Needs

As a city councilor,the question will never be, “what can I do for myself,” rather the question will always be, “what can I do for you?” Local government is the backbone of our democracy. You, as the resident and constituent, have the right to elect somebody to represent you and your needs, to advocate on the city council. This is something I take very seriously. I promise to make sure I will do everything I can to assist you and our community. If I have your trust, and you vote me to be on the city council, we will have monthly open forums, monthly walks through our neighborhoods, and most importantly, we will have strong communication to make sure your voice and your concerns are expressed. If I am fortunate enough to have your vote, you will be heard, and you will have my fullest support.

Going Green

Salem is home to some of the most beautiful areas in the state.  Going Green, and making sure we as a community are investing in renewable energy, is a growing concern for many.  As I walk or run around our community, I see tremendous potential for investing in the future and in renewable energy. This includes looking to invest in wind turbines for the coast line, solar panels for rooftops, light signals, or open areas, and embracing recycling initiatives. I will strive to work with the city, state, and federal government to upgrade and enhance the renewable energy policy in Salem.

Our Neighborhoods

I am a strong advocate of neighborhood associations, and the integral work they are doing to better support our community.  It is our responsibility, as residents, to make sure our communities are safe and an engaging place for everyone. Not only will I be regularly attending all of the Neighborhood Association meetings, I will be an active advocate to the Council and the Mayor on the continued success and needs of our neighborhood associations.  Being a City Councilor for the city of Salem means advocating for everyone, and this is just one additional way I will be able to fulfill that promise to the residents I am serving.

Equal Rights

It was clear to me when I moved to Salem that I would be living in a diverse and inclusive city, and this is something that makes our community very powerful. We as a community are allies in the fight for equal rights and I would be honored to lead this effort on the City Council. There is nothing more powerful than investing in the residents and making sure it is a safe space for everyone. This will be a top priority every day.  I am excited to hear from you on what our City Council can do better to make sure we are leading this charge effectively, and efficiently.

Enriching Our Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Salem is home to many unique and successful businesses. There are museums, small businesses, restaurants, shops, and many more unique establishments that are thriving in our city. I want to make sure that Salem is continuing to invest in your businesses.  I have had the pleasure of visiting many of these vital establishments in Salem and have seen the amazing work taking place in our community.  I will work hard to support the current businesses and encourage investments for new businesses to help our community continue to grow.

       Youth Development

Proving support and opportunity for the youth of our community is going to be the key to success in our city. I will work tirelessly to provide the young people in our community the space and opportunity to be successful. Programs and activities for our youth can help prevent violence, drugs, and crimes in our neighborhood. If we invest in our youth now, we will not only help promote a creative, active, and engaging next generation, but we will also be able to continue to make our community safe.